Rental conditions

1. Contract conclusion The rental agreement on the holiday home described attached is only bindingly concluded when the enclosed rental agreement is signed by the lessee and submitted to the lessor. A copy of the lessee’s ID shall be send to the lessor via email.

The holiday home shall be rented out to the lessee for the indicated contract period exclusively for use for holiday purposes, and may only be occupied by a maximum of 8 adults and any number of children under 16 years of age.

Handover protocol: The handover of keys shall take place after the signing of the handover protocol. The lessor's authorised agent may not hand over any keys without signature of the protocol.

2. Rental price and utilities All utilities charged as a lump sum (e.g. for power, heating, water) are included in the rental price. The final cleaning in the amount of EUR 189 is mandatory. Add-on benefits made available to the lessee shall be charged separately.

3. Payment terms A 50% deposit shall be payable upon conclusion of the contract. The 50% final payment and the security deposit in the amount of EUR 600 shall be payable 6 weeks prior to arrival. Bank details: Upon request via email

4. Security deposit A security deposit shall be agreed upon in the amount EUR 600. The lessee shall pay this security deposit to the lessor in particular for the furnishings and equipment provided. The security deposit is to be paid with the final payment and is not interest-bearing. It shall be refunded to the lessee no later than 14 after completion of the rental contract.

5. Withdrawal by the lessee The lessee can withdraw from the rental contract prior to the beginning of the rental period through a written declaration to the lessor. The date of receipt of the declaration of withdrawal by the lessor shall be decisive. If the lessee withdraws from the rental agreement, they must pay a lump sum compensation for the expenses already incurred by the lessor and the lost profit in the following amount:

Withdrawal up to 6 weeks prior to beginning of the rental period: 50%

Withdrawal less than 6 weeks prior to beginning of the rental period: 90%

The lessee has the reserved right to prove that the lessor has suffered no or a significantly lower loss. The lessee may appoint a substitute tenant who is willing to enter into the existing contract relationship in their place. The lessor may object to the entry of the third party, if the third party appears economically or personally unreliable.

If a third party enters into the rental agreement, they and the previous lessee are liable to the lessor as jointly and severally responsible for the rental price and the additional costs incurred by the entry of the third party.

The lessor shall, in good faith, rent out an accommodation which has not been used elsewhere and shall have to be deducted from the cancelled cancellation fees. The conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance is strongly recommended for the lessee.

Fairness promise: 80% of the cancellation amount will be credited upon a later stay. This stay is subject to availability and cannot be booked in the months of June to September.

6. Termination by the lessor The lessor can terminate the contractual relationship before or after the beginning of the rental period without observing a deadline if the lessee fails to pay the agreed payments (deposit, final payment and safety deposit) within the time stipulated or otherwise behaves in violation of the contract such that the lessor cannot be expected to continue the contractual relationship. In this case, the lessor may demand compensation from the lessee for the expenses incurred up to termination and the lost profit.

7. Obligations of the lessee The lessee undertakes to handle the rented property, together with its inventory, with all due care. The lessee is liable to pay compensation for the negligent damage to furnishings, rented premises or the building, as well as to the equipment belonging to the rented premises or building facilities if and to the extent that it was caused by them or their accompanying persons or visitors. Damage arising in the rented premises must be reported immediately to the lessor or their designated point of contact (property management), insofar as the lessor themselves are not obliged to remedy this. The lessee is liable to pay compensation for consequential damage caused by non-timely notification. The lessee is obligated to notify the lessor or, if necessary, the property management, of defects to the rented property without delay. If the tenant fails to report this, they are not entitled to any claims for non-fulfilment of the contractual services (in particular no claims for rent reduction). In case of delayed return, the lessee must pay the double daily rent per day if they are at fault for the delay. In addition, the lessee shall bear the costs incurred by the lessor and subsequent lessees, such as hotel, telephone and other expenses. The property is only considered properly returned when it has been checked and approved by the lessor or their vicarious agents.

8. Liability of the lessor The lessor is liable for the correctness of the description of the rented property and is obliged to provide the contractually agreed services properly and to maintain them during the entire rental period. The

Lessor is not liable pursuant to §536a German Civil Code. Liability of the lessor for material damage resulting from unauthorised actions is excluded, as long as they are not based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of contract by the landlord or their vicarious agents. The lessor is not liable in cases of force majeure (e.g. fire, flooding, etc.).

9. House regulations House regulations are on display in the rental property. The points laid down therein must be observed.

10. Jurisdiction and place of fulfilment The jurisdiction and place of fulfilment are at the place of residence of the lessor. Should any part of this contract be invalid or void, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the contract.

Version: January 2014.

Description of the “B-Only Beach House Mallorca“ holiday home


Approx. 220 square meters


Garage with large garage door, pool installation room, heating installation. Laundry room with washing machine. Shaded parking space.

Ground floor:

Small garden with incline and plants, child’s swing set, sandbox, fenced in. Small corridor, guest room with separate bath (WC, shower, washbasin). Open kitchen with dishwasher outfitted for 8 people. Adjacent dining area, living area with TV and DVD player. Nespresso machine, wine refrigerator. Partially sheltered terrace with pool (unheated). Seating and lounging options. Stereo system with CD player and radio, port for iPod. Sea view.

First floor: Small corridor, guest room with separate bath (WC, shower, washbasin), master bedroom with separate bath (WC, shower, washbasin) and living area, TV, DVD player. Balcony with sea view.

Rooftop terrace:

Shaded seating and lounging options.

Other amenities:

Outdoor grill, awning, air conditioning (guest rooms, master room, kitchen-dining-living area). Wi-Fi.


Topmost mountain location in Alcanada near Alcúdia in northern Mallorca (Spain). Approx. 350 meters on foot from the sea.



This information is the exclusive basis of the concluded rental agreement. Other information and images from the Internet or from other promotional brochures could be outdated or incorrect. If you are interested in other amenities, I recommend that you have these characteristics confirmed in writing in order to avoid inconsistencies. Thank you very much!